January 23, 2018

Introducing EVZero Stride: The Best-Performance Frame

From end of the week warriors to the world’s best competitors, EVZero Stride is made for the individuals who endeavor to accomplish their best, regardless of what the test may be. Measured for an agreeable fit on little to medium faces, Oakley’s lightest execution outline is a definitive multi-wear sunglass.

When you run, you need to wear equips that are lightweight and don’t burden you. Oakley composed EVZero Stride with a ultra-lightweight toric rimless casing to diminish the aggregate weight to enable you to accomplish your exercise objectives.

The EVZero gives agreeable fit on little and medium appearances. The Three-Point fit holds focal points in exact optical arrangement, takes out weight focuses, applies insignificant head power and weight over the nose.

This current Oakley’s lightest game execution outline includes a wide Plutonite┬« focal point for an improved and unhampered field of view. With its Unobtainium┬« earsocks and nosepads, you can rely on EVZero Stride’s enhanced hold and not stress over it descending when you sweat amid your runs.

Try not to be astonished if the world looks more lovely when you wear EVZero Stride. This is made conceivable by the Prizm focal points, which is a progressive innovation that drastically upgrades detail to enhance execution and gives ultra-exact shading tuning.


The Oakley EVZero Stride is accessible in 6 colourways,

  • Cleaned White with Black Iridium
  • Steel with Sapphire Iridium
  • Matte Black with Prizm Trail
  • Cleaned Black with Prizm Daily
  • Silver with Prizm Field
  • Matte Black with Prizm Road

EVZero Stride is a definitive multi-wear sunglass intended for sports devotees, from end of the week warriors to the world’s best competitors.


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