January 22, 2018

Goggle Review: Oakley Front Line

Oakley Front Line goggle changed the way I thought of goggles, with its inflexible focal point and outline and pivoted bolting framework. They didn’t change the goggle business however, and adaptable polycarb-lensed goggles are still what most riders wear since they are what most riders can manage. With an end goal to extend the utilization of its thick, infusion formed Plutonite focal point (like shades) Oakley has presented the Front Line goggle, which resembles a stripped-down adaptation of the Airbrake.

The body of the Front Line is the thing that Oakley calls its O Matter, which is the standard adaptable style suspension. This weds to the hard, bended focal point by what is called Ridge Lock innovation. It’s fundamentally an edge within the hard focal point that has standard tabs that slide into the edge of the goggle outline like some other goggle focal point.

Not so natural, helpful, or straightforward as with the Airbrake goggle, swapping focal points is about as dull as would be expected focal point swaps. You do get the uber affect security from the infused focal point, just not the on-the-fly exchanging capacity.


Oakley Front Line


The Front Line is a wide goggle with incredible field of view, yet it isn’t super tall, which is awesome for me since I have fairly a short face start to finish (think Neanderthal). The Front Line fit in every one of the head protectors I attempted it with without issue. The outriggers are littler and more cleared back than on the Airbrake and some different goggles yet at the same time keep an incredible seal all over.

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I feel like the this goggle would suit any face shape superior to the Airbrake. I for one didn’t have any fixing or fitment issues with the Airbrake, however since the edge is unbending and just the froth fits in with confront shapes, some won’t not discover it a flawless match. The Front Line has both adaptable edge and thick froth that can adjust more to a more extensive scope of face shapes.

I tried with the Prizm focal point which is the reason the cost is so insane high. Without the Prizm focal point, the standard Front Line is a significantly more wallet-accommodating $130 (which is still quite steep). The Prizm focal point is utilized over Oakley’s items as another innovation that features and brings down certain distinctive wavelengths of light to expand complexity to enable riders to see unpretentious contrasts better. While I can state that the Prizm Jade Iridium focal point looks freakin’ astonishing and completes an incredible activity of including only the appropriate measure of tint for both splendid and low-light conditions, it’s to some degree hard to quantifiably tell what amount included differentiation there is, however I do think there is a few.

In general, is this goggle worth the sticker price? The standard form is. Ish. That is a great deal of cash for any goggle, however what makes the Airbrake magnificent is the means by which simple the focal point is to clean or swap. The Front Line doesn’t have that and the cost is still truly up there. In the event that I were purchasing a new match of Oakleys, I’d simply spare somewhat more and get the Airbrakes. — Sean Klinger


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