March 23, 2018

Berlin Fashion Week

The time had come to flaunt in Berlin as the city commended its form week. It is a rousing time, a stage for the inventive with the attention on the youthful. Austrian architect Lena Hoschek backpedaled to the 80’s and 90’s with her new gathering which she called ‘Dolls House’.

“The motivation did not just originate from my own particular youth and dolls yet additionally from provocative young ladies, showgirls, Hollywood, America, from the great circumstances,” she clarified.

Colour, insane and boisterous – that is the thing that the Graz-based architect was going for. What’s more, the center motivation was an old shirt which her mum used to wear back in the 80’s. It was turquoise, light blue, pinkish – run of the mill confection hues, and especially of the time, inexactly cut with Mickey Mouse on it. A trinket of the 80’s.

A considerable lot of the wide-swinging dresses and skirts produced using cotton, shirt and lamé, with names, for example, “Confetti Dress” or “Confection Dress”, likewise radiated fascinate with polka specks, little hearts and exceptionally made lipstick prints.

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The 35-year-old said that for her the ’80s and the ’90s with the grunge music were unequivocally associated with young lady control. She was, she said a boisterous young lady, into punk and grunge bigly in her high school years.

Also, that is truly what her new gathering is about. The Marc Cain Label

Berlin’s Imperial Telegraph Office was the area for German name Marc Cain. Among the stars was American performer and model Kate Bosworth, who made her name in the Robert Redford coordinated film the ‘Steed Whisperer’. Alexandra Maria Lara best known for her part in ‘Destruction’ which recounts last days of Hitler joined the VIPs too.


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